Barbecue World’s Best Pork Puller

Barbecue Pull a 10 pound pork shoulder in 10 seconds! This outstanding barbecue pork puller tool will pull pork, beef, chicken or any meat quickly and completely.



Best Hack for Perfect Pulled Pork Every Time


You love pulled Pork

Make it with ease

Use the best pork puller tool


You may have seen various pork puller tools.

Such as Bear claws, or whatever…but when it comes to pulled pork pullers, you cannot find a better product than the World’s Best pork puller.


Regardless of whether you make your pulled pork on Traeger, your favorite pulled pork oven recipe, pulled pork on smoker of another brand, a pulled pork with root beer dinner, pulled pork recipe smoker.   It doesn’t matter if you prefer to use your favorite recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, or if you are looking for other pulled pork leftover ideas,

Pulled pork smoker or not. Pulled pork Traeger or not.  With this tool, you may even be able to make good pulled pork from pork roast.

If you want to know how it works- it is a tool- a pork puller drill attachment to a cordless drill. It does a complete job in just a few seconds-literally.

A common question asked is “What temp pulled pork should be when it is pulled? (pulled pork internal temperature) This can vary, but in our experience the pork shoulder is easily pulled when warm or cooled.   It really does not matter, but we do prefer to do it while the meat is still warm.

What is pulled pork meat best pulled with?


Get your pork puller for a drill attachment today.  You will be glad you did.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our pork puller attachment?

If you’re looking for a versatile, easy-to-use drill attachment that can help you make all sorts of delicious treats, our pork puller attachment is just the ticket. With this innovative device, you can take cooked meats such as chicken, beef and pork and transform them into perfect pulled meats quickly and easily.

Even if you’re new to pulled meats, our pork puller attachment will make it simple with its rugged stainless steel construction and smooth surfaces designed to product perfectly pulled meats every time.

What grade stainless steel these Pork pullers are made of?

This top-of-the-line pork puller is crafted with 304 stainless steel, renowned for its superior corrosion resistance and long-lasting value. Get ready to experience maximum convenience every time you use it!

Does this work well on small pork butts?

Yes, cooking pulled pork just got a whole lot easier – simply place the meat in a tall container and, within moments, you’ll get delectable BBQ without any of the trouble. It’s almost magical!  In short, the answer is Yes. This is a great pork butt puller!

Is it difficult to assemble this Pulled pork drill attachment?

No, it is quite easier to assemble it and it takes just 2-3 minutes.

Where is it manufactured?

Our pork-pulling attachment is made in West Central Minnesota, USA.

Is it long-lasting?

Yes, it comes with great build quality as all the body is made of high-grade stainless steel. With normal use, this pork puller can last a lifetime.

Is it a good idea to send this pork puller as a gift to a BBQ lover?

Yes, it is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys BBQ.  They will thank you and think of you fondly each time they use it.

Can I wash it easily in the dishwasher?

Yes, it can easily be washed in the dishwasher.  It is totally dishwasher safe.

Can it be used to mash potatoes?

We do not know!  We have never used it on potatoes, and it was not designed for potatoes.  We do not recommend it for that purpose.

Should I wait for the meat to cool off or I can start using this tool when it’s hot?

No method of pulling pork will work well if the meat is not ready.  That being said, there’s no need to wait for the meat to cool off to start using the tool.   One of the key elements of perfectly pulled pork is the temperature of the pork shoulder.  Once can normally tell the shoulder is ready when the large bone comes loose with a tug.

Can I also use it for shredding chicken?

Yes, it also pulls or shreds chicken like a pro!

Does it work faster than claws or other handheld shredders?

Pork pulling drills are a great tool for quickly and efficiently shredding up pork. Not only do they provide an even and consistent texture compared to traditional handheld claws or slotted spoons, but they quickly and completely, saving you time.

And, when it comes right down to it, who cant use more time?

 What is the diameter of its Pulling head?

It comes with a 4-inch diameter pulling head.

What size drill does the pork-pulling tool fit?

The main shaft or shank is ¼”. Therefore, it will fit any drill ¼” and larger.

What cut of pork is best for pulled pork?

Pork shoulder is one of the most popular choices for barbecuing.  This cut of meat is most commonly purchased with both shoulders in the package.  Size-wise, they are each roughly the size of a shoebox.  In a more prepped cut, this can also be called the butt.  Either of these cuts is more than just a great choice for barbecue pulled pork – its hearty flavor and texture make it perfect for slow-cooking dishes that can leave your mouth watering, as the low and slow cooking process tenderizes every bite of meat to perfection while allowing all those flavorful juices to do their magic.

How heavy is this pork puller?

Our high-quality pork puller weighs about 11.2 ounces.

How long are the fingers of the pork puller?

The overall length of the fingers is 2.125″.

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World’s Best Pork Puller

Pull a 10 pound pork shoulder in 10 seconds! This outstanding barbecue tool will pull pork, beef, chicken or any meat quickly and completely.  High quality pork puller makes quick work of pulling meat without tearing for perfect pulled pork servings every time.   Pulled pork sandwiches are just seconds away.

100% Food Grade Stainless Steel.  Made in the USA. Very heavy duty, but easy to use. Just attach to your cordless drill and you are ready to go. Made to last for years.


Every grill master and barbecuer needs this and will love it.
If you barbecue or smoke meat, this is a must have tool for you.

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Beats bear claws by a mile! Much easier and faster to use.  Also works great for mixing in your favorite barbecue sauce.

(Requires initial one time assembly of approximately 1 to 2 minutes)

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