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Great Manufacturing LLC

Memorial Benches to honor your loved one.

We oversee the entire process from conceptual design to production to marketing our products and ensure what we have to offer is top notch. We develop and promote great US made products ensuring your satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Our Products

We currently offer two durable and beautifully crafted options, and have plans for more to come. We also give you the opportunity to include a customizable plaque. Memorial plaques are a great addition to our longlasting benches in honoring a loved one or someone else of significance. Some of the benches we have conceptualized and in the works so far are regular or custom memorial benches for police, firefighters and EMS workers. Our benches are pure statement pieces showcasing true and experienced metalwork and craftsmanship.

butterfly bench

Our butterfly bench showcases a beautiful modern design and brings light and joy to a space whether inside or out. This bench features a custom power coat paint finish durable against weather damage. The handmade nature of this product produces a unique one of a kind piece with each production. Picture our butterfly bench sitting in a park or garden, a beautiful opportunity for a memorial bench. The butterfly bench starts at $1695 with the option to upgrade from the traditional yellow to a custom color and message.

Butterfly Bench in USA
Motorcycle bench

motorcycle bench

Our motorcycle bench was designed by Warren Carlson under the inspiration of a 1923 motorcycle. This rugged design offers a unique take and would be a great piece featured in a park. A fun and strong but quirky option to bring life to a space. A custom powder coat finish is added to this creative piece able to withstand the damaging effects of weather. The motorcycle bench starts at $1895 in a black paint coating with the option to upgrade to a custom message and incorporate a custom message plaque.

memorial benches

We offer our benches in their standard form, as well as a customizable message or memorial option. Remember a friend, parent, sibling, coworker, community member, etc. by working with us to create something unique and made to last. Our expert craftsmen are great at what they do, but we always encourage our clients to contribute in creating these one of a kind products. In this way, our memorial benches in particular come alive in honoring who they are dedicated to. With your input, your memory of them, our benches truly represent your loved one and the love you hold for them. Honor your loved one with something that stands out in a beautifully crafted way. We can truly help you build something special and long lasting that will memorialize and honor your loved one.

Work Process

We have a simple and smooth process to create benches for you. 

Order Request

You become a part of the process with your order request.

Mockup Design

We create a mockup for you to approve of before we move forward with production.

Manufacture the bench.

Once you approve and finalize the mockup, we will manufacture the bench.


After Manufacturing bench will be sent to your door.

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