CNC Geni - CNC File Transfer - The Complete DNC Solution for transfer Of CNC programs

CNC Geni - cnc file transfer

The CNC Geni is the best option for easy file transfer of CNC programs into the machine controller for older machines. 

The CNC Geni is one easy complete solution.  This kit contains everything needed to load your
program into the CNC machine.   You can
also drip feed your large programs if needed.

If you have a CNC machine that was made before CNC File Transfer became easy, you will benefit from owning the CNC Geni there is no easier way to get your
program into your machine and make money by running your parts on your good,
but older cnc machines.  This tool also allows back up of parameter files and other key information.  The user is also able to review and edit programs from this device as a stand alone unit.

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CNC Geni file transfer

14 Day Money Back Guaranty

Superfast transfer speed

2 year warranty

US based support

Our clients say

"The CNC Geni is a real game changer!"--C.T. Lead machinist at established machine shop."
Kurt T.
Lead machinist at established machine shop.
2nd Testimonial- "The CNC Geni paid for itself with the first 2 hours of work on one of our older machines. Great product and support. You make my life easier."
Rob K
Shop owner

Why CNC Geni?

You may have seen similar units, but don’t be fooled.  Just because others look the same, does not mean they are the same. With the CNC Geni, you can be running your programs on old machines in less than 30 minutes after you open the box. CNC File Transfer – No problems!

16 Gig build in memory

16 Gig build in memory (Largest memory of any comparable unit by many times)

32 Gig USB memory stick

32 Gig USB memory stick t transfer program from your desktop into the CNC Geni.

Great for backing up

Great for backing up all the programs in your CNC machines.

16 Gig build in memory

16 Gig build in memory (Largest memory of any comparable unit by many times)

Connection cable

Connection cable to transfer files from the CNC Geni to your CNC control.