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Ever wonder why people talk endlessly about motorcycle benches? It’s because they offer true life fun and good sitting comfort. They are good for both indoor and outdoor sitting events.

1923 Motorcycle Bench with Custom Options

Motorcycle benches can be installed in a city park, flower garden, backyard, trail, or entryway. They are maintenance-free after installation, and a lifetime purchased asset. Coated with a powder finish, they are environmentally friendly. An amazing creation of Warren Carlson, they are extremely sturdy to serve as good memorial material to honor a deceased loved one.

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Product Description

A Motorcycle bench is a cut from heavy gauge steel that is welded by skilful craftsmanship. The bench can be painted with any desired powder coat finish for life. This product is a fine steelwork from West Central Minnesota. Being a heavy-duty bench, it is designed to be bolted down to concrete for firm installation.

Why motorcycle Bench

A vivid look at a motorcycle bench will give you some interesting features about it. It carries everything that makes a motorcycle look beautiful from any background or environment. Its stability rests on four solid wheels. While two wheels are garnished with stylish spokes of whatever color you may choose, the other two are carefully crafted to carry the metallic bench which offers sitting. The bench unit is firmly attached to the factory-made bike that has a headlamp, driving handles, fuel tank, engine, chain, chain cover, rear carrier, brake, frames, and mudguards. Sitting on this bench makes you feel real good. Your sitting position compels you to back the bike with a good backward balance. The bench is halfway tall as the real motorcycle height but flat enough to accommodate many occupants at a time without space issues. Sitting on this bench with others gives you a real-life experience of joy.

Shipping Requirements

One unit of motorcycle bench costs $1,995.00. Upon the completion of custom messages, the numbers are shipped within the continental United States with the costs built into the price.

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You will be able to customize this bench with a welded plaque that bears your name in the custom message. For example, an instruction to this end can be something like: “Custom Made for Mr. /Mrs. John Smith.” Worthy to note also is that the welded plague right to the bench will cost a customer an additional $100. Please remember that custom made benches cannot be returned. In other words, once built for you, they are yours for life.


Marketing Opportunity

Great Manufacturing LLC, exists to bring great minds of ideas into the marketplace. For those who have a product or idea, but find it difficult to successfully produce or market such, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Memorial Benefits

Motorcycle benches are good looking memorial materials to honor a deceased loved one. They can be placed in gardens, parks, trails, or city parks to honor the dead with their names. Wherever you can find people, the bench can equally be placed to serve any sitting purpose. When people need a place to sit, they go right there and rest.

Honor the dead with the bench today.

How best do you think your deceased loved one can be properly honor? A motorcycle bench remains the best option. It has enough space to accommodate the custom message, name, inscription, and other enticing values of the deceased loved one to be written and read. You can memorialize the person for life with the beautiful gift of this bench. Wherever a motorcycle bench is placed, the honor for the dead will be there as a memory.


People remember events by taking pictures during such functions in a city park, or flower garden with motorcycle benches. Others can put custom messages on them and place them in strategic places to honor their deceased loved ones. Whichever suits you as an individual, motorcycle benches are the best way to social functions and memorials gifts for honoring of deceased loved one.

Invitation to

Tell someone who wants to honor a deceased loved one that the best material for it is a motorcycle bench. The sturdily material structure, environmental friendliness, color life duration, and elegant design make it a second to none material to honor the dead with memorial write-ups. We can memorialize the bench for them with their chosen message either to honor a deceased loved one, or for lifetime service.

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