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What are butterfly benches? They are benches with built-in butterfly shapes to create fun. These handmade metal products are sturdy to serve you for life.

Purple Butterfly Bench, memorial bench
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Butterfly bench, memorial bench
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Butterfly benches are made of heavy-duty steel by skilled craftsmen. They have a garnished and finish touch of powder-coated paint to last long. These benches are specially built to be placed in a city park, flower garden, backyard, or entryway. The sturdy quality of this heavy-duty steel crafted metal makes it the best memorial material to honor a deceased loved one. More importantly, these unique and handcrafted products are made in the USA.

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Shipping Requirements

Going by the limited time at our disposal, we are offering FREE SHIPPING delivery of these benches anywhere within the states [USA].

When the offer expires, the normal shipping cost will apply. It’s important for customers to note that the bench needs to be picked up or shipped by freight. To do that easily, please call or email us for a quote on shipping for an exact price. For example, From Minnesota to Rockford costs $105, and from Minnesota to Los Angeles, California costs $245. Click here to Get a Quote

Affordable Price

One butterfly bench unit costs $1,695.00-$2,195.00. The quality, durability, design, powder-coated paint, elegant display, and other values make it worth that amount. It’s an asset to purchase. Hurry today and get your units for real-life experience.

Color Request Cost

The bench is powder-coated in the standard color of yellow, we have several other color options. Should you desire any other color outside the standard yellow, the upgrade will be $150. You can equally choose your custom message option with an upgrade of $500 which also includes the paint color upgrade.

Quality Information

Each butterfly bench is distinctive, and it’s one of a kind. No two of these benches are exactly alike. This nature of the handmade process is what makes them special and in high demand. Another thing to note is that these benches are custom made, and cannot be returned. In other words, once built for you, they are yours for life.

Dimension of their Comfort

Butterfly benches are 45” tall by 52” long with a 14” deep seat. This makes it have a sturdy nature, installation stability and good sitting position. Moreover, it also has 4 feet that are meant to be bolted into concrete to provide lasting stability for users.

Color Choice

From the primary color, you can choose any other ones from the option and leave a custom message. We have an array of colors that you can choose to match the choice of what you need. It will be okay for you to consider the color that suits your background and then place your order to match your bench.

Memorial Benefits

Butterfly benches are great memorial benches to honor deceased loved ones. They are often placed in gardens, parks, trails, or city squares. They go wherever people can go. When people need a place to sit, that’s their place to go and rest.

Mark of Last Honor

How best can you honor your deceased loved one? It can’t be better outside a butterfly bench. Send a custom message with the name, beautiful inscription, and enticing values, and cut them on this bench for people to read. You have memorialized the person for life with a beautiful gift. Wherever the bench is placed, the honor will always be there as a memory.

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Social Events

Do you love taking pictures? Of course yes because pictures speak volumes about events and remembrance. People like to take a picture with butterfly benches because it is a favorite thing that folks can do in the community. This type of eventful picture can be taken in a group, or on an individual basis with beautiful butterfly background. That is why you need this bench for picture taking events.

Invitation to others

Good products have the potential to market themselves with offered service quality. That is what butterfly benches stand for in market and memorial value. If you know someone who is thinking about the best bench to create great sitting fun, or the highest honor to bestow upon the deceased loved one, please introduce them without delay. You would have done them a great favor, and you’ll be glad you did. We can memorialize the bench for them with their chosen message either to honor a deceased loved one, or for lifetime service.

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